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Diagnostic Tests

Updated Diagnostic Tests

The online Diagnostic tests have been upgraded with a new look and feel as well as additional functions which we hope will be easier for students and yourselves to navigate.

As you are aware, the diagnostic tests have been developed to help you and your students identify the appropriate qualification that they should be studying for.

Online Diagnostic tests are available for use by study centres with potential students as a guide during the interview and recruitment process to ensure that a student is placed on the correct level of CIM Qualifications.

The test can be completed at the Accredited Study Centre (ASC) or can be forwarded to potential students to take the test at home. There will be mandatory fields for the student to complete, allowing us to capture details and forward any leads.

It is evident from our knowledge of the student journey that entering at the wrong level creates a completely different learning experience for the student and they then influence others, if that experience has been negative. It is vitally important that they enter at the right level.

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