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Note from Senior Examiner for students who are resitting the Digital Marketing Essentials unit:

1. Choose a different organsation to the one used in the failed assignment
2. Select different e-tools to the ones chosen in the failed assignment

Public Relations

What does the term “Public Barrister Principle’ mean?

A barrister is in principle required to act for any client offering a proper fee, regardless of the attractions or disadvantages of a case, if he/she is available to take the case and feels competent to handle the work

This idea extends to the PR practitioner in the sense that any person or organisation should be entitled to have their point of view represented in the court of public opinion.

In other words a PR person, should feel free to represent any party, as long as it is legal to do so, and receive suitable compensation for the work undertaken

There are critics of this approach who argue that ethics, rather than the right to be publicly represented, should always be the primary consideration.

Others suggest that access to a skilled PR professional is limited to those with suitable economic means, unlike the law which should provide suitable representation for anyone requiring it.

Digital Marketing Essentials

Could you please clarify what is meant by the following?

• Hardware etools – are these the actual physical devices? If so, why are we discussing pagers and two-way radio?

• Digital Press – is this referring to the media (newspapers) or press releases?

• Digital Outdoor

• Natural Conversation Banners

• Web page intexts


- Hardware e-tools is referring to physical devices

- the mention of the “old” devices in the syllabus can be given as example to students as history and now with Digital versions of these devices, the benefits/functionality they bring i.e. digital radio, better sound quality, ability to pause, records etc.

- Digital press – as this LO is about hardware, I am guessing this is referring to digital printing hardware (not online/digital PR)

- Digital outdoor – might need a better word for this here are some examples;

- View example on YouTube

- View exampleiMediaConnection on YouTube

- There should also be some examples of Interactive Kiosks – there is some pretty fancy hardware in the pipeline which allow customers to interact like the motion component of the Nintendo Wii in shopping malls.

- There should be focus on Mobile, as the fastest moving area of hardware/software technology

- The key point for Digital Marketers to understand is technology convergence

- Refer to Dave Chaffey book pages 167 to 184

o Mobile and Wireless


o Bluetooth


o iDTV

o Digital Radio