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CAM Exemptions Information

Below you will find information on CAM exemptions

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Exemptions for CAM

We can only provide exemption for up to 50% of any award; this is standard practice in academic institutions and endorsed by Ofqual our regulators, so the old policy is incorrect. When it was written, there were probably very few people who would have been able to claim exemptions for both MCB (for CIM Level 4 and above qualifications) and Digital Marketing Planning (for e-marketing), but now with the various digital diplomas, we need to be more careful. This being the case, if someone has been given an MCB exemption, which is worth 20 credits out of the 40 needed for a CAM Level 4 qualification, then they cannot be exempted for any other units of a qualification where MCB forms part of that qualification.

Alternatively, if a student has completed the e-marketing award, they could be exempted from the Digital Marketing Planning (DMP) unit, but we can’t accept exemption for both. In reality, if they passed e-marketing previously, and have to complete the assignment for DMP, this should be straight forward (and ensure that their knowledge is up to date).

Generally, only qualifications that have been awarded in the 10 years preceding the APL application are considered, but if someone has been working in marketing in the meantime and has updated their knowledge and skills since, then earlier qualifications can be considered by exception; this rule is made to ensure that people’s exemptions are based on up to date knowledge. Any consideration of qualifications over 10 years old need to be supported by a full CV detailing what has been done in the intervening period.

The £85 fee applies to all units unless the exemption has been granted through a Dual Award or Multi Award Pathway where the fees are covered by the package paid by the Institution.

If you have any further queries, please contact your Education Partnerships Manager.