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Sample Online Examination

This will give you access to a Sample Online Examination for the following online examinations.

• Introductory Certificate in Marketing (level 3) – ‘What is Marketing’ examination
• New Foundation Certificate in Marketing – ‘Marketing Principles’ examination

This will help your students familiarize themselves with this style of assessment as some of them many not have experienced online examinations before.

To access these please use the following web link.

Students do not need to access this link through the tutor website. The link can be sent to other computer terminals. After entering the web address above, enter the following user name and password to gain access to the tools that are currently available

Username : FC Sample
Password : FC Sample

Please note this sample is from a small batch of questions that is designed to get students to familiarize themselves with the method of assessment. As such it may not be a good indicator of the students performance in the final examination.