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Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing & Chartered Marketer Status

We have received some feedback from our students that they have been misinformed by their study centre on how they can achieve Chartered Marketer status particularly within the context of the Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing. We would therefore like to clarify the position.

Chartered Marketer criteria

MCIM and FCIM criteria

Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing:

The Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing is just one way of completing a member’s annual requirements for CPD. For more details please click here

If students are studying over two consecutive years (either stage 1, 2 or both), and are one of the above member grades they will be eligible to take the Chartered Marketer assessment.

However, they must have registered onto the programme and if there is any break in their CPD record, for example between stage 1 and stage 2, they will not qualify.

Please remind your students to register for the Chartered CPD Programme as it is free to all members. To find out more please click here