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This site aims to develop a real partnership with you, our Tutors, providing resources, advice and support that allows you to interact with us and actively influence how our students experience their journey to successful qualifications.

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Guide to using the Tutor Zone

In this section you will find guides on where to find information on the Tutor Zone.


The March/April results are now available to download. The ‘Award’ function is currently being worked on and once this is available the spreadsheets will be amended accordingly.

Tutors resources

Tutor Resources

Here you will find numerous tutor resources to help you with the delivery of the CIM qualifications, from syllabus information and reading lists to webinars and training materials.

Case Study info

Case study Information

The June/July 2016 Case Study for Analysis and Decision is now available.

Important dates

Important dates

This section will provide you with timetables covering exam dates, assignment submission dates, results release dates and more.