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This site will be closing down on the 30 March 2017.

You should have received an email asking you to register on the new Tutor Zone website if you have not received this, please contact with your name and the Study Centre you are teaching at so we can set you up with a record and log in details for the New Tutor Zone.

Visit for more information about CIM.

Guide to using the Tutor Zone

In this section you will find guides on where to find information on the Tutor Zone.


The December 2016 results have been uploaded to the Tutor Zone.

Tutors resources

Tutor Resources

Here you will find numerous tutor resources to help you with the delivery of the CIM qualifications, from syllabus information and reading lists to webinars and training materials.

Case Study info

Case study Information

The April 2017 Case Study has been uploaded to the Tutor Zone on 10 February 2017

Important dates

Important dates

This section will provide you with timetables covering exam dates, assignment submission dates, results release dates and more.